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Innovative product of the PIZ System family; this new product are the result of a complex study of the department of corporate research and development. The traditional insulation layer in PSE is replaced by an insulating wool rock high-density, without changing anything in the system assembly and in the design and finish of the PIZ. In addition to the traditional strengths of the PIZ system, flexibility of design and texture, simplicity of use and installation; the main advantages of the new panel are:

  • Fire Classification in Class A1
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Good thermal insulation performance: lambda 0.036 W / mK
  • Excellent breathability
  • Material to be compatible with the environment
The new product PIZ Metabio has in itself all the performances required by the most advanced philosophies of building.

PIZ cladding system

PIZ is an innovative cladding system for civil and industrial buildings.

The structure is installed by securing light alloy guides on the surface to be covered and then fixing the insulating Zecca panels on these guides. The panel is made up of a modified fibre-reinforced cement mortar layer coupled with a slab of insulating material. The grooves on the upper and lower edges of the cement element serve the purpose of housing the assembly sections. PIZ was developed to satisfy the growing needs of the construction market in terms of energy savings and architectural improvement. The system is designed for covering all types of buildings, both new and under restructuring.

Choose your Color


Green Granular
Orange Rough
Brown Smooth
or the totally new Materique?
Materique Acqua
it’s your choice! Thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes, it is always possible to identify the best solution for a building to meet the customer’s specific needs. Eight basic colours (plus white) are available in 5 shades, generating a palette of 40 colours. Five finishes are provided: smooth, rough, granular and grooved and the totally new Materique.

Attention to Details

Installation all over the world in difficult and sometimes extreme weather conditions; PIZ cladding system it’s in thousands of architectures in buildings of any kind.


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PIZ cladding system
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